My Dog is Home Alone!


Most of you are aware for my love of animals and dogs in particular. I have a page on the website that has this information but thought I'd include a blog post about it because I believe it's important.

So many people have pets at home that are alone during the day while their owners are at work, running errands, visiting friends, or otherwise away from home for some reason. Have you ever stopped to consider what would happen to your beloved pet if you were in an accident, became very ill, or otherwise unable to return home to care for them?  

This simple little card, filled out and inserted into your wallet or purse could save their life! 
The "My Dog is Home Alone" Card in action!

The "My Dog is Home Alone" Card in action!

I made one for myself, but have received many inquiries on where people may also get a card, so, I designed one and had it professionally printed to business card size on business card stock.

You may pick up a card, for free, at my studio in Elmvale.

Unfortunately at this time they are only available for pick up.  Please call ahead to make sure I'm available and the studio is open, otherwise it's by chance or pre-arranged time.

Please feel free to pass on this information to friends and family with a pet at home, especially dogs.

Mike Guilbault