Consider where you would like to display your family portrait.

Consider where you would like to display your family portrait.

Your Viewing Appointment

After your portrait session we will set up an appointment for you to view your 'proofs', make your selections and order your prints. There are a few important things to consider beforehand.

Typically, people will select one or more 'feature' portraits to display on a wall. Other prints of the same image or others are often selected for gift-giving. Let's start with your Feature Portraits.

Where will your portraits hang?

The first thing to consider is where you will hang your new portraits? Will they be displayed proudly in the living room, the den, a rec-room or entrance. Do you need to create a new space for your portrait? If wall space is scarce, maybe consider an easel for the largest print.  

Do you have more than one 'space' to consider? Maybe your favourite in a more formal room and a more casual 'pose' for a rec-room? How about a collection of two, three, or more portraits to fill a large space? (see our Master Collections for ideas). Do you want an extra for display at a cottage?

What size is appropriate?

Once you know where you will display your portraits, there are a few things we need to know to establish an appropriate size of portrait to fit the space.

Photograph the wall you intend to display your portraits on as square on as possible, showing as much of the wall, and even surrounding area, as much as possible.

What size is the wall? Go ahead, measure it!

Photograph Your Wall

Take a photo of any wall(s) you are considering to hang your portraits. Send us the photo(s) ahead of your appointment and we can put together a rendering on how your portraits will look on that wall. Include the ceiling and floor if possible, and any furniture that may be there as well. Don't worry if there's already a picture there, we can work around that. Even a photo taken with your phone's camera will work.

Take the photo as square on to the wall as possible. Be sure to include an object that you know the dimensions of. For example, an existing picture, the length of the mantle over the fireplace, or simply tape an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper to the wall. The measurement should be as close to the wall as possible for accuracy.

There are a few other things to consider when selecting a size of portrait and we have a page dedicated to that, "Size Matters". 

Print Finishes & Framing

We'll go over the options for print finishes at your viewing appointment. You can read more about them on the "Our Prints" page, but nothing compares to actually seeing and feeling the difference in our print media. One of the considerations when selecting a print finish is whether you would like a traditionally framed print, with mat and glass, or a contemporary look of canvas which can be framed or unframed. More information about framing can be found under our Services section.

Gift portraits come in popular sizes for easy framing.

Gift portraits come in popular sizes for easy framing.

Gift Giving

One of the biggest reasons people have a portrait made is to give away prints as gifts to family and friends. The great thing about portraits, is that you don't need a special occasion and what gift can you buy at a store that is more personal than a portrait of yourself or your family.

So before you come in to view your portraits, consider who you will want to gift portraits to. Grand-parents, aunts and uncles, relatives not living in your area, God-Parents or good friends. You may also want to consider a few prints to put aside for giving to your children after they've grown up and are moving away. 

Gift sized prints are available in popular sizes such as 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20. So no matter who you give them to, they'll have no trouble finding a frame for them.

After The Order

After you've made your print decisions, we will put your order into final production. Your 'proofs' will look pretty good, but the work in the details has just begun. We finalize retouching and other enhancements to properly prepare your image for the type of paper or canvas it will be printed on. Production typical takes a few weeks, sometimes a little longer with large canvases. If your print is being framed, we typically wait for the print to be ready and then we can select a mat and frame much easier with the original in front of us.

The total of your order is due at the time you place the order. However, we do offer payment plans as well. Once the order has been paid in full it will go into production as mentioned above.

When your order is complete we will contact you to arrange for delivery. 

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mike Guilbault