Live to ride… Ride to Live

Portraits of a Passion

The portraits on this page were created for a passionate breed of individual; the Biker. Some call them riders, cruisers, ‘motorcycle enthusiasts’, or simply motorcyclists, but they all have a mutual respect and understanding for each other and the machines they ride. It’s a brotherhood, or sisterhood, that requires only one thing, two-wheeled motivation. There is a also a sub-species where three wheels is the preferred mode of movement, but the end game is the same and based on two words; Freedom and Respect.

This gallery is about the people that ride, not their machines. Leather, bandanas, boots, vests, helmets, hats and headbands are the attire of choice and dominates the lifestyle whether you’re hard-core or just a weekend warrior. There are reasons for this that 'cagers’ don’t comprehend, but consider it a manner of functional regalia that binds these individuals into a fellowship which transcends gender, age, occupation, race, and even religion.

You’ll rarely find a group of people that are more caring and generous. To a large degree, it’s because they understand the fragility of life, but more so, have experienced the freedom and indescribable thrill of feeling truly alive while riding. No truer phrase is, Live to Ride - Ride to Live. If you don’t ride, you simply won’t understand. You can’t.

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I choose Black & White for this series because I don’t want colour to distract from the individual. Colour can sometimes pre-define a person, as we all know, but when reduced to shades of grey we see a more esoteric version of that person, one that strips away preconceptions and allows the psyche to express itself.

I also choose the square format to create a consistent look to the portraits. I’ve always loved shooting square since my early days with medium format cameras, like my Hasselblads, that used 6x6cm square format film. Also note that these images are not ‘photo-shopped’, but are carefully toned, cropped and enhanced based on how they are captured in-camera.

Session, Prints & Pricing

Please allow up to two hours for your portrait session with Mike. We encourage you to bring a variety of clothing and accessories, including vests, chaps, gloves and helmets, as well as any ‘bling’ you might like. Darker clothing is recommended, but accessories, i.e. bandanas, may be coloured or patterned.

The Portrait Session includes
a 1st Edition 12 x 12 inch fine art print
plus 10 x 10 inch contact sheet

The package also includes both a framable 12x12” fine art print from a single image of your choice and a 10x10” contact sheet of either four or nine (2x2 or 3x3 respectively) images of your choice, and a signed ‘social media’ file of each print purchased.

Your prints come matted in either pale grey/black core with reveal, or midnight black/white core, and printed on archival, 305 gsm weight, 21 mil thick, fine art paper with a rich, organic texture and matte finish. These prints are rated to last over 100 years, have a natural white base with no optical brightening agents that can yellow over time (OBA’s). We make every custom print in-house, using our large format giclée printer with exclusive Epson UltraChrome High Dynamic Range pigment inks.

Your print may also include a title, such as your name (or road name) the year, and/or your bike model and year. Each print is personally signed by the artist in graphite pencil.

We also offer special pricing on 12x12” reprints, 16x16” or 20x20” fine art prints as well as 20x20” or 30x30” Master Canvas prints. Custom framing is also available. Gift sized prints come in square and standard photographic formats such as 8x10”.

Please contact the studio to discuss your options and book an appointment.
HST is applicable. All images are Copyright, Mike Guilbault.

Mike Guilbault, MPF, MPA