Photo by Lucien Guilbault

Photo by Lucien Guilbault

A Little About Me...

When I say I've been a photographer all my life, I'm not far off as the photo at left demonstrates. Taken by my father, Lucien Guilbault, circa 1960.

While it was my Dad that sparked the interest in photography, it was Budd Watson that paved the way for my career. The link provides more information, but Budd was one of the most prominent landscape photographers in Canada during the 70’s and 80’s until his passing in 1988. I attended many of his workshops over those years and find it fitting that I now run my studio in Midland, a few doors down from his then camera store on King Street, and the Budd Watson Gallery in the old YMCA building on Hugel Avenue. Budd was an inspiration and mentor and taught me many of the techniques I still use today in crafting a fine photograph.

Trends come and go, but we endeavour to create a masterful portrait that can be considered contemporary, but at the same moment, timeless. In other words, a classic approach to contemporary styling. Classic doesn't mean old and outdated, it's simply a time honoured attention to detail. Something you won't find in big-box stores or 'mini-sessions'.

My passion is printing!

Although most people think of photographers as 'picture takers', I believe a true professional not only captures the image, but carries the vision through to the printed page. Which brings me to my new passion in life, printing!

I sometimes miss the 'old' darkroom that's been replaced by modern digital technology, but digital printing has become an art onto itself. With a variety of beautiful, organic and textured papers or canvas to print on, along with the latest in pigment ink technology, the prints I'm creating today are better than anything I've ever created in the past. Black & White printing is also part of this new passion. The B&W prints I'm producing now are a thousand times better than anything I ever created in a darkroom.

Rather than sending your images to a lab for printing, although professional, there's nothing like taking total control of the entire process yourself. Once we've selected your portrait, I begin work to create the ultimate printed portrait. From retouching and artwork, cropping and ratios, to deciding on the best media for printing.  There's no blaming the lab anymore!


Awards & Accolades 

In 2013, I had the distinct honour of being accepted into the Master Photographers International Organization and in 2015 earned the "Master Photographer in Fine Art" designation (MPF).  In 2016 I earned the title, "Nature Photographer of the Year from MPI's International Image Competition. 

Many of you may not know that I also do commercial photography. I've done catalogue work, industrial photography, aerial, a lot of Hotel & Resorts, but my specialty is Architecture. I love the challenges and the beauty of architecture, indoors or out. Today I shoot for magazines such as Neighbours in the Heart of Tiny, which I also publish, and for builders, architects and interior decorators.

To see more of my commercial photography, visit my Commercial Photography website at

In 2008 I earned the prestigious Master of Photographic Arts award (MPA) from the Professional Photographers of Canada and preceding that, in 2003, the Craftsman of Photographic Arts (CPA). Through the PPOC, I also received National Accreditation for:

  • Environmental Portraiture

  • Children's Portraiture

  • Couples Portraiture

  • Commercial Photography

  • Fine Art / Photo Decor

  • Environmental Wedding

Here's and excerpt from a recent publication:

"Versed in portrait, fine art, commercial and wedding photography, combined with advanced digital imaging, Mike has been able to transfer and combine techniques from these very different fields to compliment and expand the creative process. His sense of lighting, composition and creativity are evident in his work.

His photographs have hung in the National Print Salon and the Permanent Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of Canada and featured in publications both locally and internationally. His Fine Art prints hang in the homes of clients in Canada as well as the USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand."

Thank you for listening.

Mike Guilbault, MPF