After all... they are Family too!

Our portrait pricing for Day of the Dog has been reduced from our standard portrait prices. Below you will find three different styles of print; our Master Canvas, the 'Fine Art' Heirloom prints, and our Signature 'Lustre' prints.

When considering the size of portrait to choose, reflect on where you will be viewing the portrait from. Somewhere close at hand; a bedside table, hall stand, or office desktop can easily display a smaller portrait size where the viewing distance will be within a few feet. Larger wall portraits are appropriate for various reasons, but most importantly to be able to view and enjoy the portrait from a normal viewing distance which is more likely to be 8 to 15 feet away. The rule-of-thumb says that the ideal viewing distance is 2-4 times the diagonal of the image (not the frame). We usually use 3 times the diagonal.

If you can't decide on only one image, you may be interested in our "Master Wall Collections".

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Master Canvas Portraits

Although we do print smaller sizes on canvas, these are usually selected when you want a portrait that is 24" or larger. You have the option of a traditional Museum canvas, designed to be framed, or a Gallery Canvas, where the canvas is is 'wrapped' around the sides of a thick stretcher, displaying part of the image either mirrored or extended around the corners. No framing is required on the Gallery Canvas, although we do have mouldings and "Float Frames" for these as well.

Size of Front (1.5" Sides) Master Canvas
38 x 60" 1200.
36 x 54" 1000.
36 x 36 / 36 x 45" 850.
30 x 30 / 30 x 40" 700.
24 x 30 / 24 x 36" 550.
20 x 30 / 24 x 24" 450.
20 x 20 / 20 x 24" 375.
16 x 16 / 16 x 20 / 16 x 24" 300.
11 x 14 / 11 x 16" 250.
8 x 10" or smaller 150.

Master Canvases are printed on the finest archival acid free canvas with no OBA (optical brightening additives) to discolour over time. We also use premium (Made in Canada) quality "keyed" stretcher bars to ensure a tight stretch that will not sag (and may be manually adjusted if they do). Master Canvases are guaranteed for life.

Of course, we can also frame your canvas in one of the many fine mouldings available. All canvas prints are protected with a UV inhibiting protective coating to resist fading and provide added protection against scuffs and scratches. When properly displayed, these prints can resist fading for well over 100 years.

Canvas Portraits do not require any sort of matting, glass, or further mounting to display. When the cost of these are added to traditional paper prints, quite often the extra cost of the canvas becomes more attractive for a 'wall ready' Portrait. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of canvas wrapping, finished sizes may vary up to an inch from stated dimension. 


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One of our most popular items is our "Triple Play" Portrait. This 24" x 12" Canvas incorporates three of your favourite images into one portrait. Each image is approximately 8x10" in size.

The canvas is wrapped on 1.5" stretcher bars like our Master Canvas prints above and coated with a clear varnish to provide years of enjoyment.

Each image is carefully cropped and edited for placement in the collage. We suggest a variety of three different 'poses' or expressions to bring out the unique character of your furry friend. 

 reg. $389, now $289.

Our Finest Paper, Heirloom Portrait.
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Heirloom Portraits

Heirloom is the term we use when your Portrait is made to the same exacting standards as our Fine Art Photography. We carefully select the best paper for your portrait, one that will provide you the quality and longevity your expect from a Fine Art Print.

Image Size 1st Edition
24 x 30 / 24 x 36" 400.
20 x 24 / 20 x 30" 300.
16 x 20 / 16 x 24" 200.
11 x 14 / 11 x 16" 125.
8 x 12 or smaller 60.

The portrait is printed with a border around the image for safer handling and to help protect against contaminating the actual printed image. Yes, you can leave these prints in your Will, which is why we call them Heirloom!

These portraits are best displayed with a mat under non-glare UV protected glass. We have a a beautiful selection of traditional and contemporary frames to compliment your portrait.

Please Note: If we do the framing for you, we unconditionally guarantee the print against fading. Unfortunately we cannot offer this guarantee if your print is framed elsewhere.

Signature Portraits

Wall Portraits

Size Price
24 x 36" Salon Portrait $300.
24 x 30" Gallery Portrait 250.
20 x 24" Signature Portrait 200.
16 x 20" Traditional Portrait 150.

Signature Wall Portraits are printed on a premium lustre finish paper. Final dimensions will be determined by the aspect ratio of the cropped image. If you are unsure about which size to select, please contact the studio. Reprint pricing applies to orders of the same image placed at the same

Gift Sizes

Size Price
11 x 14" $ 95.
8 x 10" 45.
5 x 7" or smaller 30.
Wallets 10.
Set of 8 Wallets 50.

Signature Gift Portraits are printed on our premium lustre finish paper. Smaller portraits, up to 11x14", are traditionally used for gift giving or displaying on tables or mantles. These prints are delivered un-mounted and should be framed under glass.