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Heirloom; something that has a special meaning or holds a memory of family, for family, and may be passed down through generations.

At Mike Guilbault Photography we believe family portraiture should be displayed and enjoyed as Art. To that end, we have invested in both time and equipment to produce the best possible prints for our clients. Most photographers these days use (or should use) professional labs for printing, on either paper or canvas. To take this to a higher level, however, we produce all our portraits in-house. Our state-of-the-art fine art printers produce some of the highest quality prints available today. We've spent untold hours learning the craft of fine art printing and tuning it for outstanding portraits. For more information about our prints, click here.

Mike has earned National Accredited for Environmental Portraiture, Couples and Children's Portraiture by the Professional Photographers of Canada. Let Mike create that special portrait for you - one that is as unique and distinctive as you are. And that is what we strive for in each portrait we create. Every portrait session begins with a comprehensive consultation to plan every detail to make this portrait, simply the best you've ever had.

FAMILY... The Heart of Home

With the world spinning at a faster and faster pace, sometimes family is the only thing that grounds us, keeps us together and provides that unconditional support we often need. Make the time to save a memory. Capture the essence of your family and remember them forever in a family portrait.

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything!" ~ Michael J. Fox

Whether your family is involved in sports, the outdoors, hobbies or just enjoy being together, we'll help you create a portrait that is a true reflection of not only the individual personalities that make up your family, but also the relationships you have with each other.
And when you're having your portrait made, don't forget to include Grand-parents & pets. After all, they are your family too. Ask about out 'Generations Portrait'. 

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