Boudoir: How much does it cost?

Boudoir sessions are a little more involved than your typical portrait session. For one thing, we take more time, much more time, to create your perfect portrait. Sessions typically run 2 to 3 hours. The poses are more detailed, we work on finding the perfect angles, the best light and once that's all in place, we strive for the perfect expression. 

After the shoot, more time is spent on processing each individual photograph to bring out the best colour and tone, adding different styles such as Black & White or Sepia tones, high-key, low-key or film grain. Boudoir photography also includes retouching on your selected portraits.

The Boudoir Photography Session Fee includes not only the time to create your portraits, but the pre-session consultation to work out the details, the time afterwards for downloading, sorting, post-processing and basic retouching.

Boudoir Session: $250.

Prints, Albums & Books

We do have a full price list available that we can show you during the consultation, but our clients will typically spend $300 - $1500 on prints, albums or books.