From the book, "The Magic Glasses", written and illustrated by Susan Dalton.

From the book, "The Magic Glasses", written and illustrated by Susan Dalton.


Whether you're a painter, illustrator, sketch-artist or other 'free-hand' creator, oftentimes you will need reproductions of your original artwork. There is much more to copying artwork than simply snapping a photo.  And depending on the media, lighting to reveal texture can be most critical. The quality and colour temperature of the light source can also make a tremendous amount of difference on the accuracy of the reproduction. A colour calibrated and accurate profile must be produced to guarantee that the workflow maintains as much of the original artwork's tonality and colour as possible.

Our digital workflow is calibrated and profiled from the camera all the way through software to the final output - your print - on large format Giclée printers up to 44" wide by just about any length. Then of course, you need to ensure that the artwork is copied 'flat & square'. In other words, if the painting, for example, is copied at an angle, precious detail can be lost in cropping or trying to correct it after-the-fact.

After your artwork is carefully copied, it is brought into our state-of-the-art digital workstation for processing. Careful attention is given to the colour accuracy, detail and sharpness, contrast and saturation. If there are any 'blemishes', at your request we can remove these and heal the area in question.  From here we can output your art in many different formats.


Depending on your needs, we have quite a few different options.  Jpeg digital files are the most common although may not be the best for your needs.  Tif image files hold more detail but the files themselves are much larger. If additional retouching is required, you may need a 'layered' PhotoShop file (.psd) so that further corrections may still be done in an un-destructive way. Of course you don't have to choose just one format either. Once your Master Image File is ready, we can output to as many formats as needed. We will also help you decide which is the best for your needs.


Of course the ultimate reproduction of your artwork will be in print.  From your Master Image File, we can produce a calibrated printing file that will match the type of paper or canvas that you wish your artwork to be reproduced on. We typically stock a variety of papers and canvas for you to choose from with access to just about any specific paper or canvas you may require.  From water-colour style papers, to Cold-Press and Hot-Press varieties, matte, glossy, lustre or satin, we're sure to find just the right medium for your art reproduction.

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