A recent social media post reminded me that if anything were to ever happen to me, my dogs would be home alone and not cared for. The post suggested a simple card in your wallet or purse that informed the authorities of the situation and a person to contact to care for the pet.  

Being a photographer and graphic artist, I had no problem creating my own card, but I've had inquiries about where one can obtain such a card. So, I've gone forward and had the card printed to business card size, on business card stock for durability, and 

The 'My Dog is Home Alone' card is available for free by picking one up at the studio in Elmvale!

If you are making a special trip to the studio to pick up one of these cards, please call ahead to make sure I'm available. Otherwise it's by chance or pre-arranging a time. 


 The 'Home Alone' card in action!

The 'Home Alone' card in action!

There is room on the back for additional information, such as your address or alternate contacts, how many and what type of pets you have, their names, etc. The important thing is to have something accessible with this information if something happens to you. 

I put mine in the first credit card slot of my wallet. The design is such that it is the first thing you see when the wallet is opened. 

Mike Guilbault